Bongo Blastoff

Bongo Blastoff is a two-player racing game where you control spaceships with bongo drum controllers. Avoid asteroids, dash through space and use boost pads to become the Bongo Blastoff Galaxy Champion!

My contributions to this project include:

  • Original soundtrack composition

  • Sound design and implementation in FMOD

  • Implemented prefabs for the level designer to use as building blocks (Asteroid colliders, boost pads, speed traps, dangerous laser walls)

  • 3D star particle system background (to give the player a sense of space)

  • Design, implementation, tweaking, and balancing of dash mechanic

  • Two custom vinyl bongo controller decals conceptualized in Illustrator and created in the Champlain College MakerLab

  • Visual Design Document iterations

  • Daily meetings, sprint planning meetings, team communication